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UN - Climate Conference
Berlin    7. 4. 1995

The International Corner was a very exciting hub where people could study and take material form the "players" involved in "Global Matters", and visit the neighboring both where we had placed the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition. Please do not miss the system earth section.

OPEN FORUM at the International Corner
Just as at the LOCAL AND GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition and the International Peace University the idea was and is to bring professionals and the public together and share in an open context what is new and hot with "big and small potatoes", with movers, shakers and observers. Before this event (to our knowledge) such "procedures" or "formats" were only tested in settings for diplomats, policy makers and the civil society delegates, but with the INTERNATIONAL CORNER we started to involve "the people" just passing by (by accident-strolling around), always leaving a chair for honorary and surprise guests...
    We are incredibly sorry that the CLIMATE negotiations were so dramatic, and just a few "halls" away (like in Rio - a few "miles" away) - and as we were in our venture abolutely underfunded and "over-nighted" only little documentation was done - as always, too bad. We will try to do more soon and invite you to listen in to some participants voices of what was coined at that time "magic" round tables, because we never knew the participants, the topics the results, but outcomes were satisfying - real magic ! - therefore MAGIC ROUND TABLES (maybe visit updates here).
International Corner Participants:

Club of Rome, Paris, France
The Commission on Global Governance, Geneva, Switzerland
European Union, ENRICH Programme, Brussels, Belgium
EEA European Environmental Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark
FAW, Ulm, Germany
GEO - AEON International Association for Experimental and Applied Ecology, Berlin, Germany
HDP Human Dimension Programme, Geneva, Switzerland; local support by IGBP Office, Berlin, Germany
ICSU International Council of Scientific Unions, Paris, Switzerland; local support by IGBP Office, Berlin, Germany
IGBP International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, Berlin
IASA International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria
ISKO International Society for Knowledge Organization, Frankfurt, Germany
SEF Development and Peace Foundation, Bonn, Germany
UIA Union of International Associations, Brussels, Belgium
UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme, Nairobi, Kenya
WBGU Wissenschaftlicher Beirat der Bundesregierung zur Globalen Umweltveränderung, Bremerhaven, Germany
WCC World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland
WCRP World Climate Research Programme, Geneva, Switzerland
WFM World Federalist Movement - Germany, Hamburg, Germany
WFSF World Futures Studies Federation, Turku, Finland
WHO World Health Organization - Collaboration Center for Global Modeling of Health Perspectives; local co-ordination: FAW, Ulm, Germany
THE WORLD BANK, Washington, U S A
WMO World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland; local organization c/o IGBP office in Berlin, Germany

Organsation:  Heiner Benking, FAW

Round table with Yehzkel Dror, von Lersner, Graf Strachwitz, Eva Quistorp, von Luecke, but who was receiving the "time-credits". Very often the unknown visitors, the "no voice" people who were able to tell something new and exciting whihc was not (yet) in the books or will never "hit the streets". Key-Moderator of the "Dialogues":  Heiner Benking, Farah Lenser

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