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Wanted: Needed: Integral agenda for shared voices and action
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As we are all "others" or marginalised strangers - most of the time, I decided to combine my message, addressing urban and pagan people at the same time. I would have loved to find a more general section in all these weeks of the lifeonline debate, but here we are addressing the basics first !

1. In the countryside people are more rooted and connected to earth and living matters and typically care more due to less "overload". I will therefore try to combine the best of both worlds. In cities we have a greater potential to find people which are already starting to cope with the co-existence of different cultures what we call inter-generational - intercultural dialogue... people who dare to go beyond the right or wrong and see with other eyes and realise the marginalization as something artificial and arbitrary.

In cities new forms of dialogue started in Salons, now we have a new form of dialogue or dialogue culture as a social innovation, to bring small and big potatoes, honorary guests and surprise guests to one table, and exercise in local and non-local groups, like we plan for the (VIRTUAL UNITED NATIONS project) to give VOICE and to keep the "talkers" in "check": please see

2. The moment people are ready to sit at a table we can try to empower, give voice, co-create, so new potentials to share and act get results and foremost see that the other position and perspective also has its merits. People in towns, especially in big towns, learned there are also "other people," not the ones from "here" so they are often, as we have experienced, willing to take on the next step, see through their "eyes", develop an ability to add and merge and morph perspectives, create new forms of creativity. Please see:

3. THE GLOBAL "GRAND" CHALLENGE: is not only to do better research but see how things are connected and to gain overview in order to relate levels, proportions, and consequences. We have done this in physical exhibition models for the German Chancellery, preparing the visit of the WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE ON GLOBAL CHANGE to have not only scientists, but everybody see what is at stake, where we are, and where the leverage points are. (Donella Meadows).

4. When preparing RIO 1992 some people have been looking at an INTEGRAL AGENDA, so we not only have one sector or one issue or one international organisation, GO or NGO, but see the issues in a common layout, we called the central OUTCOME of Rio '92 to establish "common frames" of references:

And to go beyond the "one" AGENDA, an INTEGRAL AGENDA as only with above "common frames of references" and AGENDA makes sense and can be followed:

5. The central question asked here is what we need most for RIO. I think it is the common will to go beyond the one issue or insular interest only and confront a bigger concert of maps/models.
What the organisers in this round of Earth Summit preparation need most I think is the time and openness to see what is already there, what was prepared since long for institutions in charge, like UNU, UIA, UNESCO and not reinvent the wheel or always starting from square one. Instead broadly and widely allowing people to see a broader and deeper scaffolding of "affairs" AND see that the sectors interact for example locally, globally and integrally: see INTEGRAL AGENDA above.
Institutions since long working in this field, beside the known UNEP and UNDP and WHO should be included. Some mayor players were here:

MY RECOMMENDATIONS: Let us put more attention to:



C: An INTEGRAL AGENDA and forms of Sharing and Dialogue (as above).
We need to underline that not single position but the concert of aspects and views form a greater whole.
See WHOLENESS Seminar: We have the possibility to look at matters by stepping back and so the a frame where sectors and issues relate, where no single position needs to be marginalized. This can be done on the local

or global level:
The challenge is to integrate the levels, sectors and times and present the

vicious problem circles in the sustainabiltiy debate: which we presentl update and include for the up-coming IHDGC conference under the title: WANTED: AN INTEGRAL AGENDA: horizontal, vertical, sectoral and integral policies in common frames of references at:

D: Review and include more substantially and in an on-going predictable form existing institutions like: the UIA

Or our Millennium Project with the new STATE OF THE FUTURE 2001, but also with the reports from yesteryear!!: http:

and new movements around the CIVIL SOCIETY, like the NETWORK OF WORLDWIDE PROJECTS:

And let us try in this times of tragedy and violence new steps, ways and means, to not just use words but make them solid so they can lead to shared concern and action, expanded identities and extra and "solid" visions and perspectives

I would like to give this as an example:

All the best and good health for planet Earth in times of change, needed change for our thinking, acting, and sharing/caring.

heiner benking
Millennium Project
(written in shock and full of concern before and after Sept 11. 2001) 

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