In workshops - for which simultaneous interpretation in German and English was provided - participants engaged in discussions on regional, European and global issues, debates were initiated, mutual understanding was promoted and the way for new co-operations was paved.

Workshop 1
Using the Internet - Integration and Networking of NGOs

Experiences with the Internet of organisations active in the non-profit sector, advantages of electronic networking of NGOs, possible mistakes in using the new information and communication technologies and motivation for entering the Information Society. Representatives of regional NGOs and associations took part in this workshop. 
These discussions were characterised by 'scenes between wish and reality'.

Workshop 2:
Internet and Social Services - New forms of organisation for the solution of social problems

Opportunities provided by the Internet to improve relations of NGOs with the outer World. How does the use of the Internet improve communication among NGOs as well as between NGOs and their target groups, and how does it ease networking with government and the economy? NGOs and associations play an important role in informing and educating society as a whole. Representatives of national organisations discussed these issues with a delegate of the European Commission, DG V.
Discussions were characterised by 'scenes between the market economy and government'. 

Workshop 3: 
Global Resources, Co-operations and Networks 

The international dimension of the non-profit sector and the function of NGOs in efficiently allocating international resources for solving social problems. Delegates of various international organisations took part in this workshop. The presentations and discussions were characterised by 'scenes between information and knowledge societies'.