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Is Humanity Destined to Self-Destruct?

by Lynton Keith Caldwell

invited commentary SHOW or SCHAU?
by Heiner Benking
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As the twentieth century ends, we may identify both constructive and destructive trends that will influence the future of humanity.  Which set of trends will dominate the future is uncertain.  Attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors all interact to direct the flow of change over time.  However, the options and constraints of human life are ultimately fixed by those cosmic elements of the environment over which humans have no control.  The modern assumption of a world without end or limits risks collision with that obdurate reality.  Facing threats to its long-term survival, humanity is challenged to learn how to build a sustainable future.  A successful effort will require a concerted and cooperative effort among all fields of knowledge.  This article identifies some of the trends that threaten humanityís future and suggests four lines of action that should be pursued in order to reduce the likelihood that humanity will destroy itself.
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